30 May, 2005


The French have said no to the EU Does this mean that most of the French people agree that a load of bureaucrats should not represent their interests in home matters? Are they in fact saying no we want a more liberal EU, we want to control our own jobs and exports and we want to make are own decisions who we deal with? Not some beaurocrat who doesn't know his arse from his elbow or is this still the mistrust of a European community that is still divided. Myself I like the idea of the European community But I hate the mountains of waste it accumulates when we have countries starving. I also hate that it can pass certain laws that can have detrimental effects on certain counties. The idea of a European community is good but for it to govern all of it's members is well, stupid. I'm sure if say, a European law was passed banning French people from eating frogs legs there would be an outcry. It's just the same as the people of Britain saying we want to keep our own currency. If we want to really become part of a European community? We have to enter it knowing it is a free and fair community. Not one that imposes its own will on all its members and excludes them if they do not agree. That's only my opinion as I don't know that much about the EU

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