03 May, 2005


I never thought myself as being that clever until I actually learned to read and write. Now there's no stopping me. When I read about the election and its back biting, running down parties and their leaders, I just think to myself are these the people I really want to govern my country?
Yes, Blair might have been full of bull.... Oops, can I say that word? Better not just in case. Would Michael Howard be any different? After all he did agree with Blair on going to war with Iraq. He now wants an inquiry on it along with that third party. What are they called?
Howard also accuses Blair of stealth taxes . He says his party won't put up taxes. So he would also have to have some form of stealth taxes; after all he has to raise money somehow. I personally don't think cutting the number of civil servants is the answer or slicing in to chunks our armed forces. We need to be prepared as they say in the boy scouts. So common sense tells me think about what is being said and what has been done under former governments. Maybe that will bring about an answer to the dilemma of the election. If you think about it too hard (because none of the parties really seem to have) I think they have already assumed what the country needs instead of listening to its people first.
Do we really care about the three main party leaders and their personalities? Shouldn't we be concentrating on what Labour has done and what the Conservatives believe they can do? Oops, I've done it again - I do believe there is a third party with a leader so laid back I've forgotten his name.

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